We've closed up shop permanently for happy reasons—thank you so much to our clients for your support and the wonderful relationships

we built!

We can recommend other content professionals—reach out.

Fierce Words

Strategic content. Clear meaning. Responsive scheduling.
Compelling pieces that combine
thought leadership and brand—
in technology, business, arts, politics, and education. 
Guest writing, ghostwriting, or uncredited contributions. Choose the model that's best for your organization or C-suite needs.
Agencies and studios welcome.

The Work

The work linked above is a selection from our archive. Don't see the kind of piece you're after?  Let us know.

Note that ghostwritten work is verified by named authors upon request.

specialized copy.

With years of experience, we start from a reservoir of deep knowledge, then use the latest and most reputable research to inform your piece. There's no fluff—only meaningful, eloquent contributions

to the marketplace of ideas, boosting your brand.

Technical marketing.

We interview you, painlessly. We do our homework on your product, brand, company, and goals. We explain what you do and run with sharp ideas that create a lasting impression to jumpstart recognition and growth.

Strategic planning.

Whether you run an educational institution or a business launching products and projects, we dig into your organization, clarify strengths and challenges, and provide a trajectory for success.

Real world

Does your school, university, local government, or nonprofit need feature pieces? We've got you covered with rich stories and images.  We'll ensure that diverse constituent input and verified facts figure into all content.

Screen Shot 2020-11-10 at 2.29.39 PM.png

The spoken word matters. Do you need to inspire action or shift your team's priorities? Whether the occasion calls for a compelling, inventive speech from scratch or help fine-tuning a draft underway, give us a shout.


Thought leadership requires bold thinking. But to genuinely inspire confidence in a vision, you have to explain ideas with clarity and elegance. You have to present evidence, use persuasive analogies, break down cognitive and psychological barriers in your audience.

Books, guides, white papers, training materials.

We've successfully published with The Pragmatic Bookshelf and O'Reilly, produced comprehensive white papers, and developed how-to decks for step-by-step training. 


We write cheeky copy and poetry too! Verse in service of a vision, an organization's mission, a brand, or a campaign remains a frontier in content marketing. We've celebrated the Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens in verse. We've championed animals.  We've made birthdays extra special.


Let us help envision your client or campaign's microsite. We offer structure, design ideas, and all stages of content development for a powerful finished product. Interactive microsites that tell an interesting  story and provide useful data attract sustained user experiences.    

with themes
that connect

For leading content studios, themed microsites can bind together and highlight multiple departments within a large organization and even multiple brands within a geographical region to serve tourism, market, or civic aims. A "theme" can have thought leadership weight, aligning diverse stories with a central idea.

Websites stem to stern.

We'll design a powerful, complete website for your organization, craft original content, and give you

turn-key operation on the platform of your choice (Wix, WordPress, etc.)—fast. Talk to satisfied clients.

Interactive e-learning modules.

Topics like blockchain technology and cryptocurrency, AP Latin or archaeological method, the foundations of jurisprudence or latest developments in AML & FINRA rules can feel daunting for people of any age. Using Articulate Rise, Adobe Captivate, Canvas, Blackboard, Schoology, Moodle, Google Classroom, and other popular LMS tools, we build online learning modules that are engaging and that measure outcomes. 

Winning pitches and project statements.

Successfully pitching reputable media outlets, crafting press releases that give your business a bounce, and writing winning grants—all take PR know-how. As important as leveraging contacts is providing timely, well shaped ideas that powerfully target a publication's audiences. National media spots require exemplary 

writing and thinking. Grants require precision, evidence, and making a convincing case.

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Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 11.30.12 PM.pn
Screen Shot 2020-08-16 at 11.22.35 PM.pn
Digital campaigns, email marketing.
Custom business graphics & design.

We're fluent in Adobe dialects! Especially Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Muse, Dreamweaver, and Captivate. We're always experimenting with other design tools too. Let us put together cohesive, sharp-looking collateral that defines your brand.


P.O. Box 573,  Harpers Ferry, WV 25425 

Email: ryerbury@yahoo.com  |  Tel: 301-785-7773

Located near the Washington, D.C. metro area.

Learn more about Racquel here.

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