Process & Rates

Technical and Strategic Pieces

We specialize in deep dive tech marketing articles, persuasive thought leadership, idea-driven speeches, arts project statements, media pitches, researched strategic writing, technical white papers or guides, and similar types of content that require expertise and critical analysis.

(1) Contact us via form or email to schedule an initial consultation (video conference, phone call, or onsite meeting). A one-hour consultation costs nothing. The purpose is to discuss the kind of content needed and to establish parameters for the project. Clients cover travel expenses for onsite meetings further than 50 miles from the Washington, D.C. metro area.

(2) During the consultation or within 24 hours after it, we formalize the proposal and present it to our client in writing, noting subject matter, time frame, length of the work, target audience(s), specific angles or personae, value proposition, style, research requirements, due date, and the flat rate for the piece. 

(3) The rate is based on a framework where an 8 hour day of vigorous work is valued at $600 ($75 x 8 hours). Work can include research, brainstorming, planning, interviewing, drafting, writing, and editing. A highly specialized or technical 1000 word article, product review, or thought leadership piece might take two full days of work to complete, and thus cost $1200. Depending on the nature of the project, a piece (regardless of length) may require more or less time—but once we provide the flat rate for a given piece, that rate will not change whether we put in extra hours or not. Hours worked to complete the piece will not impact the due date. Due dates are typically set 7 - 10 days from proposal acceptance, though we often can accommodate rush jobs.

(4) Upon completion, the client should confirm, in writing, receipt of the work within 24 hours and review the work within 72 hours. Our work is high quality, publishable content. If, however, the client would like edits or modifications, a meeting to discuss those, time spent making one round of changes, and a final client review are all included in the original flat rate.

(5) New clients may be required to make payment at the time of agreement on a proposal. If a client is not 100% satisfied with the work, the payment will be returned immediately and the piece must not be used by the client. Established clients should submit payment within two weeks of invoice receipt.

(6) Regarding authorship, the piece can: (a) be attributed to "staff writer," "team," or a comparable generic, (b) list no author, (c) credit our authorship, (d) credit a combined authorship (us and the client), or (e) credit an executive (where we are serving as ghostwriter).  In all of these instances, the client agrees to acknowledge our authorship when legally necessary or when requested by our author for career or professional purposes. The author retains the right in any scenario to list and show the work as her own for career or professional purposes and link to it where practical. 

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